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Renee Rose is Visiting Today!!

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I have Renee Rose visiting me today to talk about her latest book, The Hand of Vengeance

Hi Meredith!

Thanks so much for having me today! Thank you so much for having me today to talk about my first sci-fi, The Hand of Vengeance. The book gets its name from the hero, Blade Vengeance. The rebels use code phrases when using their communications units and his identifier is: The hand of vengeance strikes. Obviously, I love the double entendre of having that in a spanking romance! :)

In The Hand of Vengeance, The heroine is a doctor on a humanitarian mission from Earth. When she’s kidnapped by the rebels to perform a difficult surgery, their airship is shot down and she’s stranded in a canyon with Blade. She doesn’t know anything about living in the wild, so she’s forced to rely on the intimidating warrior for survival.


“Are you tired?”

“No.” She may have sounded a tad defensive.

He looked down her body, arriving at the offending shoes. “Your feet hurt.” It wasn’t a question, it was a statement.

“Yes, sir.”

The sir just came out. Okay, he intimidated her. Especially after that spanking he’d delivered. He cocked a brow, which had the effect of turning her insides to liquid.

“Okay, doctor.” He looked annoyed as he pulled her toward the cliff wall. He pointed to a little clearing. “You gather wood and start a small fire. I’ll try to find us something to eat.” He tossed her a small metallic cylinder.

She caught it in one hand and turned the little device over. “What’s this?”

He frowned. “A lighter. To start a fire. Please tell me you know how to start a fire?”

“Uh, yeah. Sure I do,” she lied.

His lips flattened. Yep, he knew she was full of crap. “I won’t go far. Holler if you need me.”

“I don’t even know your name. Is it Vengeance?”

He stopped and turned, his chiseled profile as beautiful as the rest of his body.


She held out her hand. “I’m Lara. Lara Simmons. I’m the doctor whose butt you thought you had a right to spank.”

The corner of his mouth quirked, and it made the flutters move in her belly again.

But as quickly as it had appeared, it vanished and the blank mask returned. “You ran,” he said, as if that excused his action. “You put yourself into enormous danger jumping off that cliff, and now we have no way out.”

“Right, and all your friends are dead now, so excuse me if I don’t think sticking with them would’ve been my best move.”

“I would have protected you.”

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The Hand of Vengeance Blurb

On a humanitarian mission to the war-torn planet Jesel, Dr. Lara Simmons is used to dealing with lack of supplies, power outages and the constant earthquakes that afflict the planet. But when she's captured by the rebels who need her to perform a life-saving surgery, she finds herself in a situation her medical training didn't prepare her for.

When the airship is blown out of the sky, she ends up in the Jeselian wilderness with no one to rely on but Blade Vengeance, an enormous tattooed rebel warrior. Dominant and unyielding, he doesn't hesitate to take her in hand when she disobeys the rules he lays out for her. Yet she soon learns he also knows how to deliver pleasure--with a passion she's never before experienced.

Blade finds the doctor from Earth sexy as hell, especially when she's giving him attitude, but once he delivers her to headquarters, he tries to pull back from her allure. Known for single-handedly starting the revolution and freeing many of his people, his life is one of hardship, slavery and war. Going soft on a woman isn't part of his plan, especially with the final strike of the revolution so close. But when he sends Lara back to Earth to keep her safe during the upcoming battle, he inadvertently delivers her into enemy hands. Can he find and save her from the revolution he caused?

Publishers Note: This story contains spanking and explicit sex scenes, including anal penetration. If such subject matter offends, do not buy this book.

About Renee Rose


Named Eroticon USA's Next Top Erotic Author in 2013, Renee Rose is a naughty wordsmith who writes romance novels centered around her favorite kink: spanking. She has won Spanking Romance Reviews' Best Historical Romance, is often found on the list of Amazon's Top 100 Erotic Authors and is a regular columnist for Write Sex Right. She also pens BDSM stories under the name Darling Adams.

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