Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Melanie Gets A Paddling!

Good Morning Everyone!

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Only a couple more days until the weekend! I can't wait! I have some bad news though. Due to my schooling and a couple other responsibilities, I'm going to be taking a break from posting new posts on the blog hops. You guys are tired of hearing about Melanie and Derek and I want to be able to give you guys something else, besides snippets of them. I promise, I have a really juicy work in progress...I just have to get working on it some more. So, in a few weeks, you'll be reading about that. Don't worry, I'll still make sure to leave comments on all of your wonderful blogs! ;-)

We left off with Melanie just about to get a paddling for pulling down Derek's pants in the kitchen...

The paddle came down in the center of my bottom sending a shock through me. Even though I had been expecting it, it still shocked me. 

"What are you suppose to say?" Derek asked, squeezing my bottom.

"One Sir." 

"Good girl." He said, giving my bottom a squeeze. 

His words sent a happy feeling through my body. I liked being told that I was a good girl. 

The paddle caught me off guard again. Four rapid hits, two on each side of my bottom. I quickly counted off, not wanting to get extra swats for forgetting. 

The sting was quickly spreading through my bottom and I just wanted my paddling to be over so Derek could kiss me and make me feel all better. 

"Halfway through sweetie. You're doing great." Derek said, slowly caressing my bottom. "You ready to continue?" He asked, after a couple minutes had passed. 

"Yes Sir." I said, grabbing some of the comforter, wanting to just finish the paddling. 

Derek delivered the rest of my paddling, hitting my sit spots a couple of times and finishing with hitting the center of my bottom. 

I couldn't help the tears that were cascading down my face as pain radiated off of my bottom. 

Derek picked me up and snuggled me close to him as he whispered sweet nothings to me. After a few minutes, my tears went away and I looked up at Derek. 

"Feeling better honey?" Derek asked, slowly rubbing my back. 

I nodded my head as I tilted my chin up and kissed Derek's lips very softly. I pulled back to see the sweetest look on his face. 

I knew in that moment once again, that I was one of the luckiest ladies in the world. 

Awww...Melanie is very lucky.

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Happy Wednesday! :-)


  1. OMG I love that Snarky E-card about Dental School.
    I know just what you mean by needing to find time to fit everything you have going on in your life into the 24 hour day.
    We'll certainly miss you... AND Derek and Melanie. I love these two, they have great chemistry and are most amusing.
    I looking forward to seeing what you have cooking when you come back. ☺

  2. I love it when they count... and tears... oh yes! A beautiful scene when one is brought to tears :)

  3. I loved reading all your snippets and look forward to the juicy tale you're stirring up, Meredith! Great paddle scene!