Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Samantha Gets Her Temperature Taken!

Happy (early) Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Hi guys! The day before Thanksgiving, whose excited? I am!!! I'm most likely currently in a car right now driving home. I can't wait to see my parents, eat some delicious food, and do some black Friday shopping with my friend. Don't worry, we'll be going when all the crazy people have gone and all the early birds are still sleeping (12 AM to 6 AM)! Are any of you guys doing anything fun for Thanksgiving or going Black Friday shopping?

Now, I know that I said that I was going to post a new snippet on Melanie and Derek, but I can't right now. Due to time issues, I'm going to be giving a snippet from my first book, Little Samantha's Choice. Samantha has just gotten a spanking for not listening to her Daddy. He decides her attitude is due to her illness and it's time for her to have her temperature taken... 

Now young lady, I want you to go stand in that corner. This time, I want you to reach down and have your hands touch your ankles. That way your red bottom will be on display.

Daddy no please, she begged, tears still falling down her cheeks.

Do you need another spanking to follow another one of my orders?

She shook her head and went over to the corner. I watched as she bent down and displayed her red bottom.

I got up and went into the bathroom to get some Vaseline, oil, and a thermometer to check her temperature. I hadnt checked it today and I thought that now would be a perfect time.

I placed the items on the coffee table and called Samantha back over to me. Samantha, I want you to lay across my lap again.

She did as she was told, and I had to hide my smile. It was amazing what a proper spanking could do to improve the agreeableness of my baby girl.

I grabbed the thermometer and made sure that it was slicked up nicely with Vaseline. Then since this was Samanthas first time having her temperature taken this way, I added a tiny bit of Vaseline to her bottom hole.

I felt her tense up as I slowly spread her cheeks and slid the thermometer inside of her.

Daddy! What are you doing? she asked and started to squirm.

I patted her backside and said, Well, little girl, I decided that it was time to take your temperature. I forgot to last night, so I thought now would be a great time. Stop squirming. Just relax and this will be over soon.

She stopped moving, but I could still tell that she was tense. With one hand I rubbed circles on her glowing bottom and with the other hand, I twirled the thermometer, wanting to get the best reading.

Daddy. Can we take it out now, please? she pleaded.

In a few more minutes, baby. I want to make sure that I get an accurate reading. We wouldnt want to have to do this again, would we?

No, she said so quietly I almost didnt hear it.

I finally pulled the thermometer out of her, deciding that it had stayed inside her long enough.

Hmm your temperature is a little high, 99.8 degrees. Are you still feeling sick, baby?

Im just a little tired, and my bottom is sore from the spanking, Daddy.

I couldnt help the chuckle that escaped my lips. I can help fix one of those problems right now.

I opened the bottle of oil and poured a dollop onto her butt. I then worked the oil into her sore skin, wanting to take the sting out of it. I felt Samantha begin to relax, until she was finally like a rag doll, lying on my lap.

Poor Samantha, not feeling well and getting a spanking...ouch! Hopefully she listens better next time! 
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Happy Thanksgiving!! :-)


  1. How wonderfully humiliating. ~grin~ His aftercare is first rate too :D

    1. Thanks! Jackson knows the importance of aftercare! :-)

  2. I enjoyed her reaction when he slipped the thermometer in. I think she took it very well. And I must agree with Christina, the aftercare is delicious. ☺ Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Meredith. I'm sneaking a piece of early pumpkin pie as I read the wip blogs today. ;)

  3. I never could resist a classic temperature taking ... and this one was hot! Happy Thanksgiving, Meredith - enjoy your family, the good food and all the shopping! :)